There's no pain relief for suffering.

75% of Victorians want a Voluntary Assisted Dying Law.

But it won't happen unless you contact your Local Member and tell them to support the bill. Please do it now.

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It’s time for a Voluntary Assisted Dying Law in 2017

Thanks for donating - Stop Victorians Suffering - Staging

Thanks for donating

Thanks for your donation. 

It will help us take the issue to the broader public. We need as many funds as possible to form a loud voice – and tell our politicians that this is an issue Victorians care about.

What can you do now?

We need as many people to hear about our campaign as possible.

Share our website on your social media. Send it to your family and friends. Have discussions with the people around you. The more we talk about the issue, the better the public discussion before the parliament votes later in 2017.

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Share the campaign

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Help us take our message across Victoria.

Please donate to our campaign.

We need to make all our voices heard. In particular, we’d like to counter the fear and misinformation being spread by a well funded minority who oppose this legislation. Our campaign involves everything from newspaper ads to video production and brochures. Our aim is to let our local MPs know that the overwhelming majority of Victorians (75%) want this law.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. If you prefer to make a donation directly into our Commonwealth Bank account, please use BSB 062-128, Account no.1103 4954, Account name Go Gentle Australia. Don't forget to email us if you would like a receipt.

Every little bit helps,
Thank you.

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