There's no pain relief for suffering.

75% of Victorians want a Voluntary Assisted Dying Law.

But it won't happen unless you contact your Local Member and tell them to support the bill. Please do it now.

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It’s time for a Voluntary Assisted Dying Law in 2017

Thanks - Stop Victorians Suffering - Staging


Welcome to the team

Thanks for joining our local campaign for voluntary assisted dying law in Victoria. There are many ways you can be involved in the months leading up the the parliamentary conscience vote. The vote of your local State MP will determine whether a bill is passed or not.

You can make a huge difference

In the coming months we will let you know what you can do to take this issue to the forefront of public discussion.

In the meantime, share our website on your social media. Send it to your family and friends. Have discussions with the people around you. The more we talk about the issue, the better the public discussion before the parliament votes later in 2017.

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