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It’s time for a Voluntary Assisted Dying Law in 2017

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Now is our time to change the law in Victoria.

75% Of Victorians want the choice of a peaceful death. Donate

Help us stop the suffering.
What can you do?

From July onwards there’s set to be a vote in the Victorian parliament on voluntary assisted dying legislation. It will be a conscience vote so the view of your local state MP is crucial. With widespread community support for a law it is important that parliamentarians get the message that now is the time for them to act – and stop the suffering.

Help us take our message across Victoria.

Please donate to our campaign.

We need to make all our voices heard. In particular, we’d like to counter the fear and misinformation being spread by a well funded minority who oppose this legislation. Our campaign involves everything from newspaper ads to video production and brochures. Our aim is to let our local MPs know that the overwhelming majority of Victorians (75%) want this law.

Every little bit helps,
Thank you.

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